Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kaamatan Festival In Sabah, Malaysia..kotobian tadau tagazo do kaamatan...

selamat menyambut pesta kaamatan 30-31 mei 2011 kepada semua orang sabah..sabah buli bah..hahaaa..kotobian tadau tagazo do,30-31 mei ni sabah cuti 2 hari untuk merayakan pesta kaamatan...selamat bercuti...

more about kaamatan...

Welcome to the month of May...The most important festival of the Kadazans and Dusun in the month of May is the Kaamatan or harvest festival, where the spirit of the paddy is honoured after a year's harvest. This takes place in May, and the two last days of the month are public holidays throughout Sabah. During the celebration, the most celebrated event is the crowning of the 'unduk ngadau' or harvest queen, where native Kadazandusuns girls throughout the state compete for the coveted crown. The beauty pageant is held to commemorate the spirit of 'Huminodon', a mythological character of unparalleled beauty said to have given her life in exchange for a bountiful harvest for her community..Wikipedia,

The Harvest Festival is celebrated more than 500 years ago after a large number of Kadazan Dusun Murut migrate from the mainland of china to The Philippine and landed at Borneo. The history told that the origin of the KadazanDusunMururt is from the main land of north China, Mongolia. This is not proven yet but according to my friend sources who once visited Mongolia last month, the culture between this two nation is almost the same. What we have in Sabah also same in Mongolia in the perspective of culture. There are several hundred of small ethnic in Sabah and are united under this festival, Pesta Kaamatan but with different way of celebrating it. From Kudat to Lon Pasia to Kinabatangan to Sandakan and not forgetting Kunak, Semporna, Lahad Datu and Tawau also celebrating this festival. People need a time of peacefulness to enjoy and relax and celebrate our festival....
Kaamatan, the Harvest Festival is the largest festival for the Kadazans, Dusuns and other ethnic tribes of Sabah. Held on the 30th and 31st of May every year, it marks the coming together of the tribes of Borneo in celebration.

It is an event that is has its roots in tradition and beliefs of native people of Sabah, and plays an important role in the celebration of local cultures. It is celebrations like these that draws all the races of Sabah together, and serves as a useful reminder of the rich cultural experience we have.
Celebration Of Life And Harmony

The native people of Sabah lives in harmony with tradition, nature and other races of Sabah. They make you feel so welcomed when you join in their celebrations, and are one of the friendliest of people in the world.
Getting To The Kaamatan Festival

The Kaamatan festival is held at the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association in Penampang, about 5km outside of Kota Kinabalu city. Commonly called KDCA, and sometimes referred to as Hongkod Koisaan.

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